Minister Varank: The road map has been prepared

The “Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Systems-Basic Terms and Definitions” standard, which covers the basic terms and definitions used in relation to electric vehicles and charging systems, was prepared and published by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

Minister Varank stated in his written statement that the standard in question was prepared with the participation of stakeholders in the sector.

Emphasizing that the term and description standard will contribute to the formation of a common language in technical regulations, Varank said:

“Electric vehicle sales have been increasing rapidly at a global level in recent years. We will use more electric vehicles in our daily lives in the coming years. According to our projections, more than 2 million electric vehicles will be on the road by 2030. A significant portion of this will undoubtedly be TOGG. “More public charging points will be needed. In this respect, charging infrastructure will grow very rapidly along with electric vehicles in the coming years.”

“Infrastructure will be ready”

Varank pointed out that the works of Turkey’s Automobile are being carried out in line with the determined schedule and stated that they made the necessary infrastructure preparations with the relevant ministries, and when the first domestic vehicle leaves the production line, the charging infrastructure will be at the level that supports the use of electric vehicles throughout the country.

Stating that they have prepared a comprehensive road map to build the charging infrastructure that is critical for the development of electric vehicles, especially TOGG, Varank said, “We have determined the steps to be taken in important topics such as technical standards, legislative regulations and investment supports in order to mature the charging ecosystem in a short time. this standard constitutes the basis and the first step of these studies. ” used the expressions.

“Common language will be created”

Varank underlined that it is indispensable for the charging sector to have a well-functioning market system, which will become widespread in Turkey in a short time and reach a significant size, and made the following assessment:

“Standards and legislative infrastructure to be established in terms of security, user rights, competitive environment are of great importance. There is currently an ongoing legislation and another standard preparation for charging stations. Then, other relevant regulations will be made. This standard will also contribute to legislative regulations and conformity assessments. It will help the rapid development of the electric vehicle ecosystem. A common language will be built in technical regulations by ensuring that all stakeholders use the same language. Communication of the parties will be easier. “