Minister Varank: Our goal is to make our country a technology center

AA | 09 March 2021 Tuesday – 12:14 | Last Updated: 09 03 2021 – 12:19

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “We continue our way with a local and national understanding that we have created with the vision of the National Technology Move under the leadership of our President. What we need for the National Technology Move to take place is total ownership. To turn our country into the technology and production center of the world together with our scientists and our young people. The exclusion of a person or even an institution, turning its back on this target will hurt our achievement. “

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank “(Industry Cooperation Program) Thanks to the project we conducted with the Ministry of Justice, we now produce electronic monitoring systems and equipment with local resources. These electronic clamps are actively used in the fight against violence against women. The works of other public tenders to be realized continue at full speed.

Technology Focused Industry Move Program) Now, with meticulous work, we have increased the number of products that we will support the investment to 919 and announced our 2021 call program. “Our aim is to produce these 919 products with a total foreign trade deficit of 50 billion dollars, to close our current account deficit first, and then to provide a net foreign exchange inflow to our country by exporting them to foreign markets.”