Minister Varank announced! close to 60 thousand

Minister Varank laid the foundation of Digitalpark Technokent, which will be held in partnership with Recep Tayyip Erdogan University and Turkish German University.

In his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, Varank pointed out that a new actor is involved in the ‘R&D and Innovation’ ecosystem, which has been built almost from scratch in the last 19 years, and said that technoparks are an important part of the ecosystem due to their critical role in the production and commercialization of technological information.

Stating that infrastructure services are provided to companies and entrepreneurs operating in the field of technology and software development through technoparks, Varank stated that they encourage the establishment of new companies with the potential to produce advanced technology and the growth of existing companies.

Minister Varank stated that as the Ministry, they mediate the creation of an ecosystem with a culture of R&D and entrepreneurship, and qualified employment, through technoparks, and said:

“Of course, the fact that our universities also have scientific and technological competence and that they offer this competence to the benefit of the ecosystem is a valuable result that we focus on and that we achieve through technoparks. In this direction, I believe that our technopark, which we have laid the foundation of today, will strengthen our universities to become entrepreneurial and innovative universities. Istanbul and We are talking about an important investment that will host 300 entrepreneurs with 4 thousand full-time R&D personnel when it reaches full capacity with its campuses in Rize, good luck.”

Minister Varank drew attention to the fact that the determinants of competition have changed throughout the historical process, and made evaluations about the point where the understanding of competition has changed from the past to the present.

Reminding that with the 2000s, the importance of investments in R&D and innovation in gaining permanent competitive advantage has emerged, Varank said that innovative entrepreneurs who produce the idea, do the R&D, produce with high quality and present it to the market in order to become a permanent player in this race. that it should be reproduced.

Noting that a well-functioning R&D and innovation ecosystem is not a luxury, Varank shared the following information:

“Here, in order to respond to this need, we rolled up our sleeves under the leadership of our President. Since 2002, we have made large investments to make the R&D and entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country effective. Today, we have 207 universities, nearly 8 million university students, approximately 1,600 R&D and Design Center, 88 Technology Development Zones and 183 thousand full-time researchers are the main actors of this ecosystem.

The technology development centers, incubators and technology transfer offices we support are other actors leading the ecosystem. All these actors, which host entrepreneurs and young people, are also indispensable stakeholders of our National Technology Move. We encourage our stakeholders with our well-constructed support in ‘all processes from idea to product, from product to market’.”

Providing information about the support activities and incentives, Minister Varank said:

“As the Ministry, we offer tax advantages to our technopark companies, as well as consultancy, commercialization, export supports and cooperation supports. There were only 2 technoparks in Turkey in 2001, today we have 88 technoparks in 57 provinces. In the coming period, it is important to bring at least one technopark to each of our cities. There are 6,680 companies in our technoparks, which have achieved an export of 6.2 billion dollars and a sales of 131 billion TL, and the number of full-time R&D personnel working in these areas has reached 60 thousand. 45 percent of these companies are in the software industry In addition, when we look at foreign capital, there are approximately 350 foreign or foreign partner companies in our technoparks, there are really big global brands in. More than 41 thousand R&D projects have been completed so far in our technoparks, where approximately 11 thousand projects are currently carried out. ”


Considering the application results of the companies, Varank stated that 1,330 patents, 200 designs, 399 utility models and 543 software registrations have been realized so far only from technoparks. We also provide grant support for the construction of the administration building and incubation center, and the amount of grant support we have provided so far has reached approximately 1 billion liras.

In this context, Varank stated that they have given a grant of approximately 15 million TL to the infrastructure, administration building and incubation center construction of Digitalpark Technokent and that they will continue to support it in the coming period.

Emphasizing that one of the important actors of the ecosystem is R&D and design centers, Varank shared the following information:

“Currently, approximately 76 thousand full-time R&D personnel are employed in our 1,248 R&D and 345 design centers. While approximately 54 thousand projects have been completed in these centers, 17 thousand projects continue to be carried out. Our companies have 8,302 patents, 2,417 designs and 12 projects. As the Ministry, we have paved the way for our companies that run their own R&D centers to benefit from tax advantages of approximately 24.2 billion TL.

Another important actor is Technology Development Centers (TEKMER). Through KOSGEB, we launched the TEKMER Support Program in 2019. To date, we have approved the establishment of 9 TEKMERs and contributed approximately 18 million TL to these centers. Through TÜBİTAK, we have provided approximately 313 million TL of support to Technology Transfer Offices since 2012. Since 2019, the volume of university-industry cooperation projects funded directly by the industry with the contributions of Technology Transfer Offices has reached 500 million TL. We transferred approximately 110 million liras to 303 projects that emerged in our technoparks with our Patent-Based Technology Transfer Support program of TÜBİTAK and supported by the University-Industry Collaboration Support Program that we started in 2011.”- “We started to reap the fruits of our R&D and entrepreneurship efforts”

Minister Varank underlined that the work in the field of R&D and entrepreneurship has begun to bear fruit, and reminded that the ratio of R&D expenditures to national income increased from 0.53 percent in 2002 to 1.06% in 2019.

Stating that they have achieved the greatest success of the last 10 years in R&D expenditures, Varank used the following statements:

“Our gross domestic R&D expenditure has increased by approximately 46 billion TL. As we wish, the private sector realized 64 percent of R&D expenditures and 56 percent of R&D financing. To conduct R&D, invest in added value, an activity carried out consciously by our companies, the private sector is making the necessary investment in this field. As a result of all these efforts, we have achieved an increase in efficiency and added value in our production. Our total exports in the first 6 months of 2021 reached 105 billion dollars with an increase of 40 percent. These figures the highest export figures our country has ever achieved.

If this trend continues, we will have achieved an export record of over 200 billion dollars by the end of the year. This will be a successful outcome for our country. In addition, we can clearly see the increase in added value in manufacturing industry production from the change in the composition of the products we export. While the largest share in our exports belonged to low-tech products in 2003, we have achieved an export type in which high and medium-high technology products are predominant in 2020.”

“We want to make Istanbul a center of attraction for technology and entrepreneurship”


Minister Varank pointed out the importance of Istanbul and said, “Istanbul is a brand in itself. We want to make Istanbul a center of attraction for technology and entrepreneurship.” said.

Stating that entrepreneurship is one of the most important investment areas of the world economy in the last period, Varank made evaluations about Turkey’s entrepreneurial potential.

Varank said:

“We see that Turkish companies, which were built on just one idea only 5 years ago, 7 years ago, have become companies with a valuation of more than a billion dollars. One of the best examples is Getir. Getir company, which is based on the logic of very fast delivery, is 5 and a half years after its establishment. first it reached a valuation of billions of dollars, now it has reached a valuation of 7.5 billion dollars, perhaps becoming one of the most valuable companies in Turkey.Our aim is actually to create new unicorns with the companies that our young people and scientists have built on these ideas by transforming their knowledge and experience into entrepreneurship. being the new Turcorns. ???????

Turkey has great potential in technology-based initiatives. We can see this in our companies that have recently reached a billion dollar valuation. We will continue to bring very successful initiatives to the Turkish economy and the world economy in the coming period, with a performance that exceeds our targets.”

At the end of his speech, Turkish-German University Rector Prof. Dr. Responding to Halil Akkanat’s assessment of the amendment of the Civil Servants Law No. 657, Minister Varank used the following statements:

“It is not easy to change the Law No. 657. The Law No. 657, which forms the basis of the current bureaucracy, unfortunately blocks us at many points. When we look at the point where the world has come, we now need to act much more flexibly. We are aware of the need for this. I wish we could change 657 as well. The fact that a person has a lifetime job guarantee after getting a job, or even a lifetime salary guarantee after retiring is not an example that has practical application in the world.

We need to act much more according to performance, we need to be able to evaluate according to performance and provide employment. The way to compete with the world passes through this. For example, recently, a law regarding the Machinery and Chemical Industry’s becoming a joint stock company has been enacted. During this period, the opposition did its best to keep this institution in its current form, but the Parliament did what was necessary and transformed it into an AS.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Turkish-German University Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Akkanat, Rector of Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Karaman, President of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Development Foundation and Chairman of the Board of Digital Park Nusret Bayraktar, General Manager of Digital Park Prof. Dr. Tahsin Engin and other officials also attended.

After the opening speeches, the authorities pressed the button and laid the groundwork.