Military fans were localized, Turkey became the third producer in the world

With the support and cooperation it provides to its suppliers, ASELSAN ensures the development of domestic and national solutions for the products it needs.

Military fans, one of the products domesticated within the scope of these efforts, are used to provide high cooling capacities at low volumes and weights. These fans are designed to fulfill functional requirements under the harshest environmental conditions.

Dinçer Oğuz, Business Development Manager of Anova R&D Technologies, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have been working on the military fan product family for about 4 years and that it is an extremely important localization item for the country.” There are 2 manufacturers of military fans in the world, and we became the third. I can proudly say that.” Oğuz pointed out that these fans are used in all military land and air platforms.

Oğuz said, “We started our R&D activities with the communication of this need in our country. At this stage, we are producing 14 different military fans that are most used in our country. Our products entered the inventory of the main organizations of our defense industry.” said.

Export studies have also started

Emphasizing that the localization of such products supplied from abroad has a serious financial return to the country, Oğuz stated that in this respect, localization is valuable and meaningful. Oğuz said, “With the growth of our market share in the country in the near future, we aim to market our products globally. In this sense, we have started our preliminary studies.” he said.

Pointing out that a product must comply with many standards in order to gain military qualifications, Oğuz said that military fans successfully passed the tough tests.

Resources remain in the country, possible embargoes are eliminated

Informing that the fans they have developed have started to be used on air platforms, Oğuz stated that the products are also included in the subsystems on land platforms. Dincer Oguz said:

“These products are products that our country has imported from abroad for many years. Technologically, many of them were actually developed maybe 20 years ago and R&D activities were completed. We also carry out R&D studies of the products in line with current requirements. Therefore, the products we have developed are already used Products that are more technologically advanced than other products or that are tailored to the needs of the user.In this sense, I can say that we are at a valuable point in terms of meeting technical demands and needs.The fact that these products are procured within the country, national wealth stays within the country, and the financial burdens of importing products are eliminated. It has results. It is a situation that will eliminate the problems such as not being able to import and supply even though we paid for it. This localization move was an important work that will enable us to cut our own belly at the point of supplying the product. In products, the lead times may not meet your needs, but in these products that we develop and produce in the country, the product is supplied in the desired time. In addition, possible embargoes are eliminated.”