Microsoft to provide digital training to 5 million people in Nigeria

AA | Tuesday, May 04, 2021 – 18:07 | Last Updated: 04 05 2021 – 18:07

The Nigerian government has announced that the American technology company Microsoft will provide digital training to 5 million people in the country.

Nigerian Presidency Spokesperson Laolu Akande announced in a written statement that the “Digital Skills Program” was launched in the country, in partnership with the government and Microsoft company.

Akande noted that within the scope of this program, digital education will be provided to 5 million Nigerians in 6 geopolitical regions of the country.

Underlining that the Nigerian government is committed to leveraging innovation and technology to achieve better results in a wide range of governance, Akande said, “Indeed, we are looking for constructive partnerships that bridge the knowledge, skills and technology gap that exists in most of our societies.” used the expression.

Akande stated that, apart from this project, Microsoft aims to establish 27 thousand new businesses in Nigeria in the next 3 years.