Microsoft blocked ‘spyware’, including Turkey!

Microsoft announced that the Israeli-based hacker company Candiru has blocked spyware that has been tracking hundreds of people around the world. It was said that the software specifically targeted human rights activists, journalists, academics and politicians.

In the compilation report of Independent Turkish, it was stated that the spyware used the websites of organizations such as Amnesty International and Black Lives Matter to hide.

In the statement of Microsoft and Citizen Lab, it was noted that the software was sold to governments and security forces and this was not transparent.


In the article on Microsoft’s official blog, it was stated that the software was used by some governments on civilians.

The statement also states that private sector companies develop and sell cyber weapons; It has been noted to be very dangerous for people, businesses and governments.

Citizen Lab, on the other hand, announced that Candiru company offers its customers to monitor 10 different devices such as mobile devices, computers and cloud storage systems in any country they want for 16 million euros.