‘Methane-eating microbes’ stabilize earth’s temperature

AA | Tuesday, June 15, 2021 – 15:37 | Last Updated : 15 06 2021 – 15:37

Scientists argue that “methane-eating microbes”, which prevent the methane in the oceans from spreading into the atmosphere by converting it to bicarbonate, prevent the world from getting warmer.

According to the news of United Press International (UPI), a group of researchers from Harvard University examined the microbial creatures surrounding seven geologically different gas seeps on the ocean floor.

The researchers observed that microbes around the gas leaks capture methane and turn it into bicarbonate.

After examining California’s Point Dume on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the researchers revealed that the microbes around the carbonate rocks are “the microbes that consume the most methane.”

On the other hand, scientists who discovered that microbes surrounding carbonate rocks convert methane 50 times faster than microbes in volcanic sediment layers stated that this rate is one of the highest rates ever recorded.

Scientists argued that “methane-eating microbes” in the oceans prevented most of the gas from being released into the atmosphere and stabilized the temperature of the world by keeping the gas in the marine ecosystem.

It is known that methane is one of the main greenhouse gases that cause global warming, and methane gas released into the atmosphere is mostly caused by human activities.

Previous research has shown that the amount of methane in the oceans is much higher than scientists thought, but very little of this gas enters the atmosphere.

The research was published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science”.