Mars rover Tienvın-1 posted photo

According to the statement made by the Chinese National Space Administration, the Tienvin-1 reconnaissance vehicle sent two photos to Earth, which it took from a distance of about 11 thousand kilometers from Mars.

In the statement, it was noted that the photo showing the Southern Hemisphere was taken on 16 March, and the photo showing the Northern Hemisphere was taken on 18 March.

The sunbeams falling on Mars in the photographs make the planet appear as a crescent moon.

The rover is expected to land on Mars in May or June

Tienvın-1, which left the world on 23 July 2020, made 202 daily flights until it entered Mars orbit, and the vehicle, which made 4 orbital corrections during this period, traveled 475 million kilometers.

Tienvin-1 entered an orbit about 400 kilometers from the surface of Mars on February 10th.

Communication with the reconnaissance vehicle with the “orbit module”, “Mars landing module” and “surface vehicle” is via a radio telescope in Tiencin, in the north of the country, with a delay of approximately 10 minutes.

Tianjin-1 is expected to land on the Red Planet in May or June.

The mission of “Tienv”, which means “to seek the truth in the heavens” in Chinese, takes its name from the lines of the Chinese poet Zhu Yuen, who lived in the 4th century BC.