Made for food packaging analysis! Plastic reference material…

It is aimed to contribute 1.5 million TL annually to the sector by starting the mass production of plastic reference films, which are produced in the internationally accredited laboratories of Bursa Technical University (BTU) with the same quality as their imported counterparts and at least 50 percent more cost-effectively.

The coordinator of the project, BTU Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Food Engineering Dr. Instructor Member Adnan Fatih Dağdelen told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they specialize in food packaging.

Dagdelen stated that the packaging is very important in preservation and storage even if the foods are produced at high quality, “One of the features of the packaging is that it is suitable for contact with food. This situation is controlled by a method called migration analysis.” said.

Dağdelen explained that the products required for analysis are expensive materials imported from abroad.

Noting that the migration is produced with many additives, Dağdelen continued as follows:

“Packaging with food is in contact with food for a long time, the additives or by-products added to this plastic with contact begin to migrate to the food over time. This situation is limited in international legislation. We conduct migration analyzes to determine the status of this migration, and whether we do these analyzes correctly or not, the migration level is a certain reference. “We can control the materials that come into contact with food. The authority of the materials that come into contact with food is in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. These analyzes are carried out regularly in our country. Over 100 laboratories use these reference materials in some way.”

“A material group with export potential”

Noting that they started to produce reference materials in order to contribute to the sector, Dağdelen stated that their work in the laboratory continues.

Dağdelen stated that there are no very complex processes in the production of reference material and said:

“It is a three-year project. We were among 200 projects in the competition opened by TAGEM and we deserved support. A project worth 300 thousand liras. The worldwide use of the material we developed alone amounts to 20 million dollars. There are very few manufacturers. These materials are not produced in Turkey. We will not import from abroad, as we diversify them, as long as there is a brand in this field, it is a material group that has export potential for our university. We will analyze the films we produce for 2 years.”

In the project, Associate Professor of Food Engineering Department. Dr. Furkan Türker Sarıcaoğlu and Research Assistant Fatma Tuba rice, together with the project partner organization GDA Laboratory Services, Food Engineer Ali Bahadır Çelik and Chemist Turgay Arıkaya are working as assistant researchers.