Light technology that destroys viruses in Turkey

It was determined that the nano 405 light technology produced in South Korea and America destroyed viruses suspended in the air and adhered to the surface. The new development aroused excitement especially among the operators. Experts stated that the visible light system can be the lifeblood of institutions and businesses. Manisa Celal Bayar University Head of the Department of Medical Microbiology Prof. Dr. About the light system preferred by municipalities, factories and sports centers, Sinem Akçalı said, “405 nanometer light is not like ultraviolet light that harms people in the environment. That’s why we use it in our laboratory for the health of our staff, “he said.

In addition, Akçalı reminded that coronaviruses can survive for different periods of time on different surfaces in recent studies.


Stating that 405 nanometer wavelength light with reflective properties does not have any harmful effects on humans, Prof. Dr. Akçalı said, “This light can provide disinfection in all places 24 hours a day, 7 days without interruption. After leaving the source, the light reflects from the surfaces it hits and scatters all over the room. 405 nanometer light is not ultraviolet. It neutralizes microorganisms without harming people. It is much different from ultraviolet light. “Ultraviolet light damages microorganisms by damaging DNA. However, 405 nanometers of visible light triggers the formation of free oxygen molecules in bacterial cells by stimulating molecules called porphyrins in bacteria, and these molecules cause the death of bacteria.”


Prof. Dr. Akçalı said that since the light is not harmful to the skin and eyes in humans, they use it in the university laboratory to prevent personnel health and workforce loss.

Prof. Dr. Akçalı continued as follows:

“Before, we were using our ultraviolet lamps for ambient disinfection. However, we know that ultraviolet lamps are not operated in a manned environment, so we have to turn off the ultraviolet lamps while our friends are working indoors. Since 405 nanometers of visible light has the advantage of being able to use it 24/7, we believe that it will act as an extra shield to protect our colleagues from all kinds of infections caused by both laboratory origin and contact with contaminated surfaces. “


Stating that this light is very important for hospitals, Prof. Dr. Akçalı is a new generation that can be used in laboratories, operating rooms, patient waiting rooms, intensive care and burn units, as well as sports halls, nurseries, educational institutions, airports, places of worship, meeting halls, in short, all indoor spaces with common use areas and food production processing facilities. He stated that it is one of the disinfection methods.


Prof. Dr. Akçalı stated that the first studies on the effect of 405 nanometer light technology on microorganisms started in 2007 at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, on bacteria that cause hospital infections, and with the successful results they achieved, the university patented this technology in 2012.

Emphasizing that technology can also be beneficial in protecting against coronavirus, Prof. Dr. Akçalı continued his words as follows:

“Currently, the United States, South Korea, Singapore and the Netherlands are among the countries that are actively using 405 nanometer disinfection light technology, as it is such a new technology. We have a weapon like a vaccine in the fight against coronavirus. Our primary goal is to vaccinate everyone and gain community immunity. But even if we are vaccinated, we will all of course continue with the mask, distance and hygiene rules, we will not trust us to be vaccinated. In addition to these, the technologies we mentioned will be useful in preventing the transmission of viruses and bacteria that cause disease in humans, especially airborne, coronavirus. Although the coronavirus vaccination program is completed, disease-causing microorganisms will continue to exist in our lives. Therefore, the introduction of this technology, which is among the new generation disinfection systems, will contribute to public health and the national economy. “


Providing information about the effectiveness and life of the technology, Sami Demiray, the Turkish distributor of the company, said, “Having passed the international electrical quality test with the highest score, Clean-edge is not UVC light. Ultraviolet lights cannot be used in a human environment because they are harmful to human health. Clean-edge, on the other hand, can be used in a manned environment with a 100 percent hygiene guarantee. When used for 24 hours, it has a life of at least 50 thousand hours for 6 years. It maintains its continuity for 12 years in 12 hours of daily use and 17 years in 8 hours of use. Clean-edge lighting system, which is easily installed, affects 24 square meters and is economical in price. It kills various viruses and harmful bacteria, including coronavirus. It has been proven by tests that it does not harm people. With the use of this light, we will sit more safely in crowded environments such as cafes, restaurants and coffee houses. Social life will gain momentum and a new dynamism will come to the country’s economy. In a period when this technology is very recently used in the world, we will have the advantage of health and economy as a country by using this innovation before many countries. “