‘Lava road’ inspired TÜBİTAK project with its geotourism potential

Tekin, who is studying at a private high school in Diyarbakır, has prepared a project for a 120-kilometer basalt plateau formed by lava from Karacadağ, which is located at the border of Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa, which has continued its activities at various intervals in the historical process, and whose last activity is stated to be 100 thousand years ago.

Tekin, who received field support from the Diyarbakır Forestry Management Directorate to which the lava road land belongs, introduced the “Geotourism Potential of Karacadağ and Its Surroundings” project with its natural surface structure and the lava path that offers many opportunities such as rope climbing and photographing with hundreds of volcanic caves and this thus, it aimed to generate income for the local people.

Thanks to his project, which includes many details from travel routes, accommodation, local products to cultural habits, Tekin won the first place in the region in the TÜBİTAK 2021 High School Students Research Projects Competition held in Malatya.

The project, which will represent the region in the geography category in the Turkey Final Competition, includes many topics such as the preparation of promotional films related to the area in question, the creation of walking routes, opening mini markets in the area, creating suitable areas for the sale of local products, building boutique hotels, organizing balloon trips.

Tekin said to the AA reporter that when he went to field studies with his father, a forest engineer, he saw the lava path and that the road attracted his attention, and said that he started to research the region.

Stating that he shared what he saw on the basalt plateau with his teacher Emine Yurteri, Tekin stated that they decided to prepare a TÜBİTAK project after visiting the area with his teacher.

Noting that they have been doing fieldwork for months and taking pictures of interesting places, Tekin stated that they prepared a presentation about this and met with the local people.

“We prepared a project so that this is not a geopark and we applied to TÜBİTAK’s competition with the project.” Tekin stated that the aim of the project is to attract tourists to the region and thus ensure that the local people earn income.

Tekin said, “This region is an area that nature athletes and enthusiasts will love. The project will contribute to isolated tourism and local people in the region.” said.

“It will add synergy to Diyarbakır’s tourism”

Diyarbakır Forestry Operations Manager Metin Eratilla stated that the Karacadağ lava path plateau is a land belonging to the General Directorate of Forestry and that the geographical structure of the region stands out as well as the plant inventory and that they are focusing on eco-tourism projects related to this.

Noting that they are working to declare the region as a geopark, Eratilla said, “I hope the region will gain recognition in our country with this project. This will add synergy and contribute to Diyarbakır’s tourism. It is a source of pride for us to work in such a complex region when there are easier issues. We are ready to offer all the contributions we can to bring the region to tourism. ” he spoke.

Mehmet Sait Gülçer, the headman of the village of Yarımkaş in Diyarbakır’s Çınar district, said that those who visit the region are astonished, saying, “The formation of stones, the trees sprouting in them … The arrivals are coming again. We want the region to be brought into tourism.” used the expressions.