Kargu’s first export was carried out – Science Technology News

According to the statement made by STM, Kargu, developed in line with the needs of the security forces and first introduced at IDEF 2017, entered the Turkish Armed Forces inventory in 2018.

Renewed in line with the feedback from the field and proving itself in the battlefield, Kargu attracted the attention of many countries.

Participating in tests and trials in different countries for export markets, Kargu was appreciated for its performance. Kargu has been tried in different geographies in this process and has proven that it can serve successfully.

After the high-level negotiations, the first contract for the export of Kargu was signed.

The delivery of Kargu exported under the said contract will be completed in 2021.

STM has delivered a large number of Kargu to the Turkish security forces so far.

“Kargu has successfully proven himself in the field”

President of the Presidency Defense Industry, İsmail Demir, whose views were included in the statement, drew attention to the fact that today the export level has been reached in the strike UAV systems, which could not even be bought with money at the time, and said:

“In line with the needs of our security forces, our national pride, Kargu, which was developed by STM with national resources in a short time and used effectively by the Turkish Armed Forces in the field, achieved its first export success. We will continue to export our military products, produced by our Turkish defense industry and successfully proving itself in the field.”

Demir shared on his Twitter account, “As the Turkish defense industry, we continue to expand to the world with our capabilities. Our national pride, Portable Rotary Wing Striker UAV System KARGU, has achieved its first export success. Congratulations.” used the phrases.

“We are also negotiating with other countries for the export of Kargu”

STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz also mentioned the happiness they felt for the export of Kargu, which was developed with national resources, as one of Turkey’s largest engineering groups, and made the following assessment:

“Our company, which is the main contractor of our country’s first national frigate, TCG ISTANBUL, has crowned its export success in military naval platforms with tactical mini UAVs. We continue our negotiations with other countries for the export of Kargu. Contributions to Turkey’s defense industry and national technology move We will continue to work with all our strength in line with our country’s 2023 export targets.”

Kargus are equipped with different types of ammunition

Kargu is especially involved in detecting and neutralizing threats before soldiers enter the region, especially in risky areas.

Kargu, a rotary-wing national striker UAV solution that can be carried by a single soldier, can be used effectively against fixed or moving targets with its embedded and real-time original image processing and deep learning algorithms on the platform.

Consisting of a “Striking Rotary Wing UAV (VIHA)” and a “Ground Control Unit”, Kargu was designed with the principle of “man in the loop” to perform tasks under human (operator) control.

The system, which can operate effectively day and night, has a sensitive strike. With mission cancellation, return home and self-destruct capabilities, Kargu is equipped with high-performance navigation and control algorithms.

KERKES Project continues successfully

Herd UAV studies, which were initiated to enable Kargu to move both internally and with the Fixed Wing Portable Intelligent Ammunition System ALPAGU and Rotary Wing Reconnaissance UAV System TOGAN, continue.

STM successfully continues the KERKES Project, which will enable UAV platforms to operate independently of GPS.

The work on different types of ammunition to be used on Kargu has come to an end.