Japan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46 percent

Prime Minister Suga announced his country’s new greenhouse gas emission reduction goal prior to the Climate Summit held in a virtual environment hosted by US President Joe Biden.

Reminding that the same target was announced as 26 percent in 2013 fiscal year, Suga stated that “Japan has taken a huge step into the future with the new target of 46 percent”.

Noting that the government is committed to achieving a carbon-free society by 2050, Suga stated that this goal is the main pillar of Japan’s growth strategies.

“In line with our 2050 target, and as an even more ambitious target, we now declare that we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46 percent by 2030,” Suga said.

Suga, who took office in September 2020, announced that his country would reach the “net carbon 0” target by 2050.

Cabinet Chief Secretary Kato Katsunobu also noted that Japan will actively contribute to the fight against climate change and will lead global decarbonisation efforts.