Italian experts explained: In women under 60 years old …

The Institute of High Health (ISS) affiliated with the Ministry of Health, which collects coronavirus data across the country, has long examined the information obtained so far about Covid.

The institution announced the results of this research with a statement titled “Long Covid: Women seem to be affected more”. “In general, women seem to be twice as long as men to develop Covid,” the statement said.

However, it was stated that this difference is valid for women under the age of 60 and that the risk difference between the genders becomes close to each other after this age.

The ISS stated that one possible reason for this risk difference between the sexes may be related to the way the immune system reacts. The institute said, “The hypothesis about the autoimmune system can explain the higher prevalence of this syndrome in women. The immune system response in women is stronger than men, due to both genetic and hormonal factors.” BBC Turkish