It will be sold to the world from Turkey! After land and sea, now also in the air

The flexible projectile trajectory, which can be exported under a special license and localized for ASELSAN’s remote-controlled weapon systems, is in high demand from abroad.

Anova R&D Technologies Co-Founder Dursun Öner told Anadolu Agency (AA) at the 3rd Efficiency and Technology Fair that the flexible bullet path used in weapon systems can be procured from abroad by obtaining a special license.

Pointing out that this situation creates problems for the weapon systems developed in Turkey and to be exported, Öner stated that they have localized this product in line with ASELSAN’s needs. Öner emphasized that the flexible bullet path is also one of the first examples of ASELSAN’s recent localization and nationalization move.

Öner stated that they first developed a domestic product for 12.7 millimeter bullets in 2012 as part of the studies, and said, “The purpose of the flexible bullet path is to prevent errors that may occur in the feeding of the bullet from the bullet box to the gun in remote controlled weapon systems, and to prevent the gun from jamming. This adventure that we started continued with the localization of products used in all remote-controlled weapon systems such as 25, 30, 40 millimeters. Currently, we have created a product range in 12 calibers.” said.

Explaining that they evaluated the 5-6 years after the first product’s appearance as developing the product, verifying it in the field, and using it by the customers, Öner said:

“Recently, there has been a serious demand, especially from abroad. We are also starting to export to companies in Europe and America. When the companies received their prototypes and tried them at the first stage, they said that they were satisfied and that they would pass the mass production orders. We are lucky in this regard during the pandemic, our business continues to increase.”


Emphasizing that exporting such a product is a serious gain for the company, Öner said that they are trying to transfer the talent they have gained at this point to their other products, as it stands out as an item that provides contact with companies abroad and earns foreign currency for the country. Dursun Öner said, “We started to design and supply the sub-parts of other types of weapon systems that foreign companies especially liked with the flexible bullet method, especially in weapon systems. We are starting to export these as well. ” used the phrases.


Pointing out that they started the flexible bullet track product family by meeting the needs of land vehicles, Öner said:

“Our products are used in all three areas, since the remote-controlled weapon systems are placed on air platforms such as helicopters and airplanes and naval platforms such as frigates, considering the safety of the personnel. It is now fully used in marine and land systems.”