‘It will be an important link in the chain of observation in the world’

Turkey Space Agency (TUA) leader Serdar Huseyin Yildirim, the infrastructure is one of the important objectives of the National Space Program will serve to strengthen the Eastern Anatolia Observatory (DWI) after completion of the mirror of the telescope mounting said they aimed to start receiving light at the end of this year, “DAG telescope, Turkey ‘ He will have a say in astronomical observations. ” said.

Yıldırım told Anadolu Agency (AA) that observing celestial bodies with human-made objects is of great importance to shed light on secrets in the depths of space.

Turkey in Antalya-TÜBİTAK National Observatory in Hidden City (TUG) 1.5 meter mirror diameter that there were a certain capacity with the telescope Lightning, construction and installation carried out in the Presidential patronage by Atatürk University Astrophysics Research and the mountain in the Application Center site He stated that the capacity will increase even more with the start of operation.

Lightning, after four years of construction work in Italy of Erzurum reach parts of the telescope DWI brought to Turkey, Atatürk University, gave the information is received hangar at the campus. The telescope during the summer university’s Astrophysics Research Center within the execution of the New Generation University conversion to Project, Palandöken moved to the county in the observatory built in Konakli Karakaya hills, emphasizing the Lightning, expressed Turkey’s observation infrastructure into operation of the device unfolded in earnest.

“It will be an important link in the chain of observation in the world”

Drawing attention to the importance of the telescope, Yıldırım said:

“The 4-meter precision and specially coated mirror, which is an important part of the DAG telescope, which will serve to strengthen the infrastructure, one of the important goals of the National Space Program, is also planned to be brought from Russia at the end of June. After the mirror is completed, the tests will be completed in a few months and the light will start at the end of the year. Thus, this facility will become an important link in the global observation chain. “

Stressing that such a large scale in the region have a telescope Lightning, “This residence in Turkey, the country would have a say in astronomical observations.” he spoke.

Lightning, with plans to use the radio telescope located in Turkey would further strengthen the position on astronomical observations, he added.