It turns out that the US has blacklisted Xiaomi

Saturday, March 06, 2021 – 17:36 | Last Updated: 06 03 2021 – 17:36

Documents from the US Department of Defense revealed that Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi was included in the list of “army-linked companies” for the award given to its founder and Chief Executive Lei Jun for his services to the Chinese state.

According to the news in The Wall Street Journal, the documents presented in the lawsuit filed by Xiaomi in the Washington District Court against the US Department of Defense upon being included in the list also shed light on the reasons for the company to be included in the list.

In the documents submitted to the court by the Ministry, Jun was awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies in 2019 and the company’s investment plans for advanced technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence were cited as the reasons for its inclusion in the list of “army-linked companies”.

On January 14, the US Department of Defense added 9 companies, including Xiaomi, one of China’s largest smartphone manufacturers, to its list of “army-linked companies”.

With the definition in question, US citizens were prevented from investing in companies on the list, while Xiaomi became a plaintiff from the US Department of Defense to be removed from the list.