ISS astronauts take spacewalk

06 March 2021 Saturday – 17:40 | Last Updated: 06 03 2021 – 17:40

Astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) went on a spacewalk to prepare the station for the installation of solar panels, which are expected to be sent in June, which will increase the station’s power capacity by 30 percent.

According to Lbc, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Kate Rubins and Japan Aerospace Research Agency (JAXA) astronaut Soichi Nagouchi have sent space towards the far end of the station to prepare the platform where solar panels will be installed at the ISS. went for a walk.

Rubins and Soichi will replace old bolts with new ones, fix loose ones, and install brackets and support braces in the slots where the solar panels will be fitted for ease of installation.

“What a view! Rubins and Soichi are currently working outside the Space Station, about 402 kilometers above Earth,” NASA shared video footage of the astronauts as they got out of the station on its Twitter account. used the expressions.

NASA aims to increase the energy capacity of the station by 30 percent, enough for more astronauts and equipment, as the energy need will increase with the crew that SpaceX and Boeing will send this year.

It is stated that the existing 8 solar panels, the oldest of which was installed 20 years ago, deteriorated over time, and the new advanced solar panels produced by Boeing will be sent to the space station by SpaceX.

It was reported that this walk was the last experience of the two astronauts, whose 6-month duties will end soon.

Rubins is expected to return to Earth in a Russian capsule with two Russian cosmonauts in mid-April, while Soichi is expected to return to Earth with Victor Glover and two other Nasa astronauts in April or May at the latest.