İspark mobile application is coming! It will show empty parking lots!

Monday, 05 July 2021 – 15:57 | Last Updated : 05 07 2021 – 15:57

Murat Çakır, General Manager of İspark, who was a guest of the program “City and Life” broadcast on Radio Traffic, gave good news to the people of Istanbul. With the application that will be implemented in 2 months, you will be able to see the empty parking lots where you want to go.

Answering the questions of Radio Traffic Editor-in-Chief Algeria Doğan, İspark General Manager Çakır emphasized that vehicles spend 30% of their time searching for parking spaces, and said that thanks to this system that shows the empty parking lot, their aim is to both remove the burden of this situation on traffic and increase the quality of life of people. .


Çakır stated that you will see the empty car parks at your destination thanks to the İspark mobile application; “We will show both on-street parking lots and indoor and outdoor parking lots,” he said. Çakır continued his words as follows: “If there is a place you are interested in, you will follow it up and if it fills up until you leave, it will show you the next empty parking lot nearest you. We will announce this in the next two months when we complete our technical infrastructure. Although not in the first place, we are also working on the reservation system for some of our multi-storey car parks. According to the time you will go, we will reserve an area there and reserve it for you.”


Ispark General Manager Murat Çakır stated that they aim to remove cash from Ispark’s agenda and make payments more with credit cards and systems such as Istanbul Card, and said that currently 38% of collections in this field are made through digital methods. Stating that almost all collections were made in cash when they took office, İspark General Manager stated that Istanbul Card and credit cards can be used everywhere and said, “We are trying to remove cash from the lives of both Istanbul residents and İspark as much as possible.” Said. Çakır, on the question of the Radio Traffic volunteer reporters; “But there is no such thing as removing cash from Ispark. Yes, we also want cash not to be used, but we do not seem to have completely eliminated cash.” He used his expressions.


Mentioning that their strategy is to increase more park-and-go parking lots, Çakır stated that they are working on public transportation, especially on rail system lines, to support the rail system with multi-storey car parks that are directly connected to or around the stations. Murat Çakır, General Manager of İspark; “We are working on models that allow Istanbulites to reach places where they can park their cars and go by rail system. We provide a parking lot with a total capacity of 115 thousand, and currently, approximately 15 thousand of this capacity serves exactly in this way. But we will increase that number. Our goal here is to try to reach a capacity of 25-30 thousand. But we are working not only on capacity, but also on campaigns that will make it attractive. For example, we have open parking lots around almost all stations on the T5 line. In other words, anyone going to Eminönü can leave our car parks in Alibeyköy, Silahtarağa or Feshane and continue with the rail system.” Said.


Stating that the desire to use bicycles increased in Istanbul, especially during the pandemic period, İspark General Manager Murat Çakır said that the number of vehicles in traffic would decrease if the shortest way to reach public transportation is taken by bicycle with the İSBİKE smart bicycle application. Mentioning the İsbike Cycling School, İspark General Manager said, “Those who apply for the course, which will continue until September, are taught to use bicycles within 4 hours. In the courses where 2000 people have learned how to ride a bike so far, the goal is to teach 10 thousand Istanbulites to ride a bike.” he concluded his speech.