İsmail Demir visited Ankara 1st OIZ

According to the statement made by the Presidency, Demir continues to visit companies where he examines the local and national capabilities in the defense industry. Demir examined the domestic and national productions of Akdaş Döküm, Assan İş Makinaları, MCM Savunma and Anova Defense companies in Ankara 1st OSB and received information about the activities.

İsmail Demir, in his statement regarding the investigations, stated that these visits were beneficial in terms of both raising awareness about the defense industry, determining the capabilities on site and expanding the ecosystem.

Emphasizing that the productions here play a very important role in terms of the infrastructure of the defense industry, Demir said, “The work done is not only domestic but also products that can be exported to abroad. These capabilities are sufficient not only for the defense industry, but also for other sectors. In this respect, I congratulate our industrialists, it is an important activity to make this effort and create added value for our country. ” used the expressions.

The companies visited are operating on the ammunition and guidance kits used in the operations of the security forces, as well as the steel castings of the defense industry systems and the stainless steel and alloy steel requirements used in these systems. The companies also carry out the original design and production of subsystems such as power transmission systems, fuel systems, air conditioning.

Within the scope of the visit, components such as environmental air conditioning systems used in defense industry platforms and heat exchangers of fuel systems, fans, air cycle machine, fuel and oil pumps and the testing activities of the subsystems consisting of these components were also seen on site.