‘iPhone 12’ case against Apple! It will give free…

Sunday, May 30, 2021 – 1:55 | Last Updated : 30 05 2021 – 1:55

Brazilian woman Mariana Morales Oliveira won the right to receive a free charger for her iPhone 12 from Apple through the court. There may be a precedent for iPhone 12 customers.

Mariana Morales, residing in Brazil, sued Apple for the lack of a charger in the box of the iPhone 12 device she bought. As a result of the trial, a negative conclusion was reached about Apple’s “environmental sensitivity”.

Mariana sued the company right after Apple recently lost a court case in Brazil. He asked Apple to give him a charger for his recently purchased iPhone 12. The case was considered in the state of Sao Paulo and as a result, the case was closed in favor of Ms. Morales. The judge ordered that the charger be delivered to him free of charge within 10 calendar days. If Apple doesn’t comply with this deadline, it will pay a $40 fine for each day of delay.

Apple’s environmental awareness is bullshit

Mariana’s lawyer, Rafael Quaresma, said that the case falls under the supplementary sale law, because when buying a smartphone you can not do without a charger and you have to buy it. He also expressed the view that such attempts to protect the environment are nothing but deception and pretexts in the eyes of customers.

Also, Attorney Rafael Quaresma: “We raised the issue of environmental protection and the judge agrees with us. That’s pointless. Apple claims that only the included charger pollutes the environment, while the one sold separately does not.” He added that it was nonsense.

This isn’t the first lawsuit filed against Apple over the iPhone’s new box contents. Apple had to give a wired headset to a user in France before. Not having the earphones out of the box violated local law regarding the harmful effects of radio waves on children.

It is stated that this latest court decision may be a precedent for iPhone 12 customers.

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