Interest in the Turkish defense industry is increasing

İsmail Demir, President of the Presidency Defense Industry, made an opening speech at the Defense Industry Summit organized by the Yıldız Technical University Defense Industry Technologies Community with the video conference method.

Emphasizing that as the Presidency, they aim to provide the systems needed by the security forces with the maximum amount of domestic and national means, Demir said that while doing this, they closely follow the technologies and trends regarding the operational environment of the future.

Demir stated that his studies on future defense industry trends such as unmanned technologies, laser and electromagnetic weapon systems, cyber security and space, satellite technologies, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics are continuing at full speed.

Turkey’s defense industry in voicing increase the local content of the table Iron negotiating power increases independence and the fact that foreign policy was a leading force in the regions of Turkey stated that a larger percentage of acceptance. Demir noted that with the breakthrough made by the defense industry, it has reached a position that the world follows with interest.

Turkey’s defense industry is not technology-importing, exporting countries, indicating that technology position to walk confidently towards Ferrous, he said:

“The number of projects we carry out today exceeds 750. Our project volume reaches 60 billion dollars. There are 7 Turkish companies among the 100 largest defense industries in the world. 5 years ago, this number was only two. While our defense industry exports have increased by 30 percent in the last 5 years, our imports are about 60 percent. 60. These results are a reflection of our imagination and our work for our dreams.When the defense expenditures of the countries are examined, it is clearly seen that there is a serious power competition in the field of defense industry. We can say that we are in a good position in the defense industry as a country, but we always say that this is not enough. We have a good walk in this area, but we say we need to run. You also need energy to run. Energy is also your youth. “

Emphasizing that young people are the biggest driving force in establishing an independent defense industry, İsmail Demir explained that they have started a series of studies aimed at creating qualified human resources.

Demir, Defense Industry Academy, Visionary Young stated that they aim to get positive results from these studies with student and teacher training programs for vocational high schools.