Intelligent tracking system will reduce cost

Turkish technology company Arvento, which serves many sectors with its mobile tracking devices, has signed an important cooperation with Ford Trucks in line with its global leadership target.

With the new type of coronavirus epidemic, the importance of logistics and fleet management has increased even more.

Turkey’s vehicle tracking system leader, Arvento, develops solutions for the needs in this field with vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, motorcycle, container, object, boat tracking systems and sectoral IoT solutions.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, Arvento has recently cooperated with Ford Trucks for the “IToY- 2019 International Truck of the Year” award winning tractor F-MAX. With this cooperation agreement, F-MAX owners who want to manage their fleet at advantageous prices will be able to integrate Arvento’s advanced fleet management solutions into their vehicles.

Ford Trucks customers will also be able to start using advanced technology Arvento solutions immediately, without the need for line supply and device installation. Customers who can access CANBus information such as fuel level, speed and fuel consumption of the vehicle as standard will be able to benefit from the ConnecTruck Arvento fleet management integration, which Ford Trucks offers separately from connected vehicle services.

New record in number of devices

Arvento General Manager Özer Hıncal said that this cooperation will make significant contributions especially to vehicle owners who undertake large-scale works and want to manage their fleet at advantageous prices.

Stating that they are happy to continue their cooperation with Ford Otosan’s heavy commercial brand Ford Trucks, Hıncal said:

“In this year when the extraordinary conditions of the pandemic prevail all over the world, it is very important for us to sign such a cooperation. As Arvento, we have set a new record in our industry with the number of devices over 1 million that we have reached this year. We aim to increase this figure with every new cooperation agreement we make. Our goal is to be the leader in the global vehicle tracking market and to bring a technology company on a global scale to Turkey.We are implementing useful technologies in the world and in our country with the vehicle tracking and fleet management, object and person tracking, motorcycle, container and boat tracking systems we offer. will continue to develop better technologies.”

Advanced fleet management

Ford Trucks Deputy General Manager Serhan Turfan said that they continue to develop F-MAX with technological equipment and collaborations in line with the needs and demands of their customers.

Expressing that they are now creating new solutions that enable their customers to reduce their operational costs with F-MAX, Turfan made the following assessment:

“The ConnecTruck technology we offer with F-MAX allows us to collect hundreds of parameters from our connected trucks as often as we wish. In addition, it allows us to provide our customers with value-added services such as mobile application and web vehicle tracking, remote control, vehicle driving reports. In addition, ConnecTruck’s remote diagnostic and With the software update functions, the need for our customers to enter the service is significantly reduced.The “ConnecTruck Arvento fleet management integration” that we have implemented with Arvento also allows F-MAX customers to follow these on Arvento screens via “ConnecTruck”, without the need for an external hardware in their vehicles. It enables users to benefit from advanced fleet management services.”