Innovation Policies Board focused on ‘leading technology’ studies

According to the statement made by the Council, chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the light of the developments in the field of technology in the world in recent years, studies on critical areas that have strategic importance for Turkey and have the potential to shape the future have been completed.

In this working period, “Developing and Using Innovative Applications by Accelerating Digital Transformation”, “Reducing External Dependence with Clean Energy”, “Acquiring Technologies That Will Ensure Efficient Use of Energy”, “Achieving a Sustainable Environmentally Future”, “Increasing Market Share in Global Pharmaceutical Industry”, ” Acting with the motto “To be a Global and Regional Technology Leader”, the Board developed policy recommendations and presented its work to President Erdoğan.

The headlines where comprehensive studies prepared by expert teams consisting of academicians, business world and public representatives were collected, “Next Generation Nuclear Technologies, Waste Recycling and Energy Generation Technologies from Waste, 5G and Beyond Next Generation Communication Technologies, Energy Storage Technologies, Hydrogen Technologies and Hemp Technologies” It was listed as.

90 experts contributed to the reports of 6 working groups

The aim of the studies, which started in November of last year and lasted for about 5 months, was determined as determining the needs in Turkey in the aforementioned topics and reducing foreign dependency to zero in strategic matters by developing the necessary technologies, taking into account global developments.

90 people, including competent academicians, business world and public representatives, contributed to the reports of 6 different working groups prepared for this purpose.

During the period from November 18, 2018 until May 2020, when the Board held its first meeting, it has previously presented 10 Policy Recommendations Reports to the President, prepared with the contributions of 190 people consisting of academics, business and public representatives.

The 10 titles determined for the report in question were listed as follows:

“Examining Policy Boards of Other Countries and Business Process Examples, Science, Technology and Innovation Policies and Strategies Framework, Determining Priority Technology Areas on Which Turkey Will Focus, Diversifying and Making the Financing Sources of Technological and Innovative Initiatives Effective, Improving University-Industry Cooperation, Food Supply Security, Biosecurity, Cyber ​​Security, Medical Device, Medicine and Vaccine. “

“Our aim is to be stronger in global competition in the technologies of the future”

Deputy Chairman of Science, Technology and Innovation Policies Board Prof. Dr. Stating that they continue to scrutinize the recent developments in technology in the world, Hasan Mandal said, “Our aim as the Board is to be stronger in global competition in the technologies of the future with an innovative approach.” used the expressions.

Emphasizing that they analyzed the situation in Turkey regarding pioneering technologies in this study period, they revealed the areas that could create opportunities for the country one by one.

“We have developed short, medium and long-term policy proposals by focusing on each of these areas separately. We have completed our work we started in November 2020 with very valuable academics, business world and public representatives in the direction of our President. and I hope that it will be beneficial for our future. From now on, we will continue our work in this scope together with the stakeholders of the ecosystem. “