Injury-free training with virtual reality technology

Crane operators working in the steel production factory in Bursa’s Gemlik district are trained with virtual reality technology.

Borçelik Technical Academy, established within the factory, provides training in a virtual reality environment with more than 100 scenarios designed with a crane simulator in order to prevent possible problems and to make the process safer.

When the operators entering the simulator sit on the seat and wear the virtual reality glasses, they find themselves in the crane cabin, which is about 10 meters high, with a full factory image.

The training, which started orally, continues with virtual reality applications. Employees who pass some exams are assigned in the field according to their success.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Mustafa Ayhan, Executive Board Member responsible for R&D, Information Technologies, Digital Transformation and Management Systems, said that the company employs 85 crane operators.

Stating that it is very difficult and risky to train crane operators in the crane cabin at a height of 8-10 meters, Ayhan said, “Any accident that may occur during the trainings can harm the working people and the facility. Therefore, we set out with the idea of ​​doing the crane training on the ground. Our main starting point is occupational health and When we set off with this idea, we came up with the virtual reality idea that the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) brought into our lives. ” said.

Ayhan said that there were two difficulties at this stage, one of which was to let the crane operator experience his experience in the cabin on the ground, and that they designed the seat accordingly.

Stating that all the movements made by the crane operator can be experienced in virtual reality as an experience, Ayhan gave the information that they developed a motorized mechanism.

Noting that the other challenge is the real view of the factory and the fact that all the materials to be transported are brought before the crane operator with virtual reality glasses, he can experience the real environment. used the expressions.

“We also made the patent application”

Stating that the operators started to work in the crane cabin after completing the training and receiving the certificate, Ayhan continued as follows:

“We have trained 20 crane operators so far. Of course, we designed it for our company and prepared our virtual reality software with the real image of the factory, but this should not be limited to Borçelik. This crane simulator made with virtual reality is a first in the world. We also applied for a patent for it. We built a business model not only for our own company, but also for different companies to experience this. They can both get this training here and those who want can buy this crane simulator and use it in their own organizations.

Stating that the training of an operator takes approximately 4 hours, Ayhan added that after the training, the employees are entitled to receive the certificate after passing the necessary tests.

Gülşen Eren, a crane operator who was trained in the simulator, explained that they saw many things they experienced in the factory first in the simulator and said, “The virtual reality glasses show a completely reflection of the factory. I think the application is very useful. The joystick and buttons in the simulator are the same as in the crane cabin. You can even feel the vibration in the cabin. people’s crossing is visible, horns and other details are provided one-to-one. ” he spoke.