‘If you are not in space you will fall into slave status’

TUA President Yıldırım made a statement to DHA about the goals announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the National Space Program Introduction Meeting. Yıldırım stated that human resources are one of the most important factors in space studies and said, “Our country has a certain resource in this regard, but it is far behind than advanced countries. We need to recover this quickly. We do not have time, we have to act very quickly. The goals announced by our President are, “They are serious, aggressive, important goals. We aim to reach around 10 thousand experts in the long term.”


Lightning, descending with the moon browsing tool in the year 2028 the main objectives Noting that carry out scientific studies, “If we think like this chain, no ring it in Turkey untested before. 2023 target it is both a rehearsal, there will be a mission to gain experience. Bayrağı’na our symbolic as the moon “The only vehicle we will do in 2023 will be to reach the moon with a domestic engine. It will make a hard landing on the moon that will take our flag. What we mean by hard landing is a slight impact,” he said.


Evaluating the names ‘Cacabey’ and ‘Ali Kuşçu’ proposed instead of Astronaut and Cosmonaut, Yıldırım said, “Our President of the Turkish Language Association came to our visit. We agreed with the President, it is not correct to use a special name. If we will use it instead of an astronaut, the astronaut will not only be Turkish. It would be wrong tomorrow when we say “American Alpaslanes are going into space.” Or not when we say “Russian Cacabeys.” This time people will continue to use the name of the astronaut. Astronaut is a genus name, it is correct to have an offer as a genus name. I think the proper names are not appropriate “he said.


Stating that there was no suggestion that came close to him among the proposed names, Yıldırım said, “An Uzbek brother called,” We have a name, we do not need to look for it. We say “fezagir” for example. Fezagir is very correct in meaning, it can be discussed whether it suits us well as a voice. But in any case, since we will present it to the public, even a survey study can be conducted. The final decision will be made by our President. We will see it. But I have this or a similar word in my heart.


Stating that it is not important for them to be the first astronaut to go to space, Lightning said, “The important thing is to meet the criteria. We are talking about a very difficult education. This is a very separate goal, it has nothing to do with the moon target. A Turkish citizen goes to space and conducts a scientific experiment at the space station.” We do not think of it as a touristic trip. But the physical features are very heavy, the physical conditions are heavy. Physical features must be suitable for it. Those who are preferred in the world are preferred by people who have received piloting training, may not be active pilots, or people who have received aviation training.


Stating that there is a lack of information about the budget, Yıldırım said, “38 million is a share of the state budget, but we have contributions from many institutions. When you look at these, the budget of the Space Agency exceeds 50 million dollars. This is not a huge amount of money. I want dollars, but the conditions of our country are also certain. We have to evaluate them correctly. In big projects such as the goal of the moon, the goal of sending an astronaut, the projects will have their own budgets in all of them. There is no need to meet the budget of the Space Agency. we will also buy and use it, “he said.


Referring to the importance of space studies, Yıldırım said, “If you do not take part in space studies and do not take part in space, you will fall into slave status in 3-5 years, let alone impoverishment. We have a slogan:” Whoever does not have a trace in space will have no word in the world. “This is very true. When space systems are not in operation, life comes to a halt. It will become even more important. If we are absent in space, we are not in the space economy, we will be deprived of all the benefits of the technological advances that space will bring. he thinkers, tomorrow will be much regret. Indeed, history as we missed some opportunities. we have stayed back so in some respects. ‘we were unable to capture the industrial revolution,’ he’re sorry. this is something. If we do not catch the new space age, this would be a disaster for Turkey. we get there The money that we will spend will return many times more. We do not want to give the ace to these works. We will take the necessary steps. When it is needed, our state is capable of this, “he said.


Stating that it would be limited to the rocket launch will be held in Turkey, “able to launch from Turkey, but we theories in Turkey our space port. Each orbit You have to have a place that can throw every angle. Turkey is not suited to it,” he said. Everything in the space of control from the ground also noted that it is very important Lightning, “We need a wide range of antennas for control from the ground. Currently, Turkey does not have this in. This will establish the sub-structure. At least the first one, we need a big antenna,” he said.