Hürkuş will be used in pilot training – Science Technology News

According to the statement made by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), Hürkuş HYEU, the new version of Hürkuş, which is among the company’s original products, held the first flight demonstration during the International Anatolian Anka-2021 exercise held in Konya.

The Hürkuş Air Ground Integration Aircraft (HYEU) is planned to be used in the training activities of the Air Force Command. Forward Air Controller, Forward Combat Controller and Joint Fire Support Team trainings will be given with Hürkuş Air Ground Integration Aircraft. Hürkuş HYEU, which is called the advanced variant according to the 135th fleet requirements, is expected to provide significant advantages with its low usage cost and advanced avionics systems.

In addition to the existing advanced features of Hürkuş, Hürkuş HYEU will be able to gradually integrate electro-optic / infrared (EO/IR) camera, laser-guided and unguided training munitions, as well as autopilot.

TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil said, “Hürkuş HYEU will be used for training purposes, especially in the 135th fleet, in this important exercise with the participation of the commands of various countries. To explain a little more, our aim with Hürkuş HYEU is to train air and ground elements. We want to make significant contributions to our Air Force Command with its advanced systems and features.” used the phrases.