‘Humanoid Robot’ trainings are given – Science Technology News

In the event, which was held in workshops for 6 people, the working principles and functions of robots with humanoid body and joint structure are discussed.

Presidential National Library Training Center and Workshops Coordinator Ayhan Bozkurt told Anadolu Agency (AA) before the event that they started to organize humanoid robot activities in science and technology workshops established by TUBITAK.

Stating that they will tell the children what robots are, Bozkurt continued as follows:

“They will make observations over two humanoid robots. We will have questions. We want to raise awareness about humanoid robots by asking them questions such as ‘if we were robots, how would they program us, what directives would they give’. Our aim is to increase children’s curiosity about science and technology, and to make them work in that field. is to enable them to do so and to trigger them. To see a robot in real terms and to turn them towards science and technology with such studies.”

Bozkurt stated that in the previous trainings, they saw that children were more interested in robots and that the activities would continue.

“I am learning new information”

Berrasu Elgin, one of the students who participated in the event, said, “I feel lucky here. Because I am learning new information. We used to see robots in cartoons when I was little. I was always interested. I am very happy to evaluate this now.” he said.

Ömer Ali Ağaççanak, on the other hand, said, “Since I was little, movies about robots were being made. We used to watch them all the time. My mother had me enrolled when I saw the lesson. We learn new information.” said.