Human trafficking advertisement on TikTok | NTV

In an account in the TikTok application, which is used by millions of people around the world, a video with an advertisement about people wanted by the regime in Syria was abducted to Lebanon for a certain fee.

A video with an advertisement was published on an account in TikTok, a video sharing application with 800 million active users in the world, showing that people wanted by the regime in Syria were kidnapped to Lebanon for a fee.

The videos published featured images of human trafficking from Syria to Lebanon by luxury vehicles.


By advertising the human trafficking network on social media, it also published a smuggling tariff.

In the video published on social media, the price of illegally going to Lebanon from the Syrian regime is 2 thousand 858 TL from the city of Dera, 1429 TL from Damascus, 1072 TL from Humus and 5 thousand 717 TL from Afrin.


The United Nations (UN) and the International Rescue Committee announced that more than 500 thousand people died during the 10-year civil war in Syria. 5.5 million Syrian refugees fled to Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, and 6.6 million were internally displaced. These 3.6 million to Turkey, Lebanon, 950 thousand, 670 thousand had also sought refuge in Jordan. Again, close to 1 million Syrians fled to European countries.