Human activity extends freshwater fish

It has been reported that human activities endanger fish species in rivers.

According to the BBC’s report, in a study conducted by French and Chinese scientists, the effects of human activities on 10 thousand 682 fish species found in 2 thousand 456 river beds were examined.

The study found that 23 percent of freshwater fish species are in danger of extinction due to human activities.

In the study, which noted that these activities were overfishing, reorientation of rivers, building dams, soil and water pollution, climate change, and an increase in invasive species, the natural environment in rivers was said to be worse than 200 years ago.

In the study, it was stated that there are 18 thousand freshwater fish species in the world and this number corresponds to a quarter of all mammals.

In the study, which emphasized that 86 percent of rivers were damaged largely by industrialization and the rest partially, it was shared that rivers far from humans are partially damaged, especially in Africa and Australia.

It was noted that the Mekong, one of the rivers subject to the study, was over-fished, and the fish species decreased due to excess dams in the Amazon.