Hisar national air defense system training started

For Hisar, which is the first national air defense missile system of Turkey, developed under the leadership of the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency, without the use of real missiles, aircraft and helicopters, operator trainers were provided with simulators and training missiles.

Hisar operators from the Land Forces Command participated in the operator trainings of the Hisar systems, which will undertake important roles in Turkey’s layered air defense.

Simulators working integrated with real systems developed by ASELSAN were used extensively in the trainings. The use of simulators stands out as a cost-effective solution since training is provided digitally instead of using expensive ammunition and target aircraft. In addition, with simulator trainings, training is reinforced with many more repetitions before real shots.

In the trainings, in which ASELSAN and project partner companies’ expert instructor personnel took part, it was aimed that the operators have the knowledge and skills to ensure the most efficient use of the systems in accordance with the general and tactical requirements of the Land Forces Command.