High school students developed unmanned underwater robot

Manisa Science High School, which participates in TEKNOFEST Aviation Space and Technology Festival every year with various projects and achieves various degrees, has also developed a design for the Underwater Systems Competition within the scope of the festival.

The robot, which has underwater maneuverability, prepared by high school students in the 3D solid modeling program, was designed with features that can make decisions on its own with artificial intelligence and perform some tasks autonomously.

Manisa Science High School Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Team, which succeeded in completing the robot in a short time like 3 weeks by spending a lot of work, started performance test studies of the robot in Atatürk Olympic Swimming Pools.

ICT Teacher and project consultant Ertug Gözaydın, AA correspondent, teams Deneyap Turkey Technologies that create than 10 students attending the Workshops, mechanical within the team, the software was passed in the electronics and public relations team.

Gözaydın stated that the students completed the 3-month job in 3 weeks, “Our main goal is to train engineers who can contribute to the national defense industry and national technology, and to create the infrastructure for this.” said.

Ahmet Necip Önder, the captain of the software department of the team, stated that they wanted to take part in competitions abroad after proving themselves in domestic competitions with the robot they prepared.

Expressing that their robots are multi-functional and can perform various tasks autonomously with artificial intelligence, Ömer Efe Ulusoy pointed out that they can also integrate different tasks into the robot.

mechanical division captain of the team in the future Burakhan Arıkanlı Turkey’s UAV and his breakthrough with sihai, said they dreamed continue under water.

Team captain Hakkı Arda Acar said that they dream of developing technologies to take part in natural gas exploration activities in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean and in the defense of the country.

Manisa Science High School Manager Hüseyin Kırtaş expressed that they hope to reap the fruits of the hard work of the students at TEKNOFEST.