Here is the world’s largest camera-powered autonomous store!

Software company AiFi opened the world’s largest camera-powered autonomous store in Shanghai, China. Approximately 200 cameras are used in the 370 square meter store so that customers can shop without using a cash register.
It detects when customers bought products and when they left them, and automatically created baskets are updated. When the customer leaves the store, a digital receipt is sent via the AiFi app. Speaking to Insider, AiFi’s CEO Steve Gu said, “People can go into a shop, buy something, and then go.” On the other hand, while it is stated that autonomous retailing has been mentioned frequently in recent years with the arrival of Amazon Go, Gu said that the difference of AiFi is not a retailer. Instead, it was stated that AiFi is a software company, sells artificial intelligence (AI) technology to third-party retailers, and Amazon Go stores are operated by Amazon.