Here are the most followed accounts on social media!

gave | Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – 11:35 | Last Updated: 17 02 2021 – 11:35

While the popular social media application Instagram is used extensively in the world, the most followed accounts have been announced. According to January 2021 data, it was recorded that Instagram’s own account Instagram has the highest number of followers with 385 million 39 thousand people by far.

Media monitoring agency Ajans Press, according to the information obtained from Statista data, revealed the most followed accounts on Instagram.

Thus, it turned out that the application’s own account, Instagram, was followed by a wide difference of 385 million 39 thousand people.

World famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo settled in the second place and it was recorded that he had 258 million 69 thousand followers.

The third place is Ariana Grande with 219 million 23 thousand followers, while the other people in the top 10 are Dwayne Johnson (215 million 2 thousand), Kylie Jenner (213 million 26 thousand), Selena Gomez (207 million 15 thousand ), Kim Kardashian West (202 million 77 thousand), Leo Messi (181 million 22 thousand), Beyonce (163 million 66 thousand), Justin Bieber (161 million 16 thousand).