He saved the life of a 78-year-old man!

Apple Watch is very assertive about health thanks to the sensors it contains. According to a newly reported report, 78-year-old Mike Yager was saved thanks to the fall detection feature of his smartwatch. The Yager watch falls while wearing it on his wrist.

With the fall detection feature of the Apple Watch, the device detects the man who has been motionless for more than 45 seconds and automatically calls 911. In this way, the medical team, who came to the scene in a short time, gave the first aid to the 78-year-old man.

Although he is a smart watch user, Yager, who does not know that he has such a feature, owes his life to the smart watch he was wearing at that time. This feature, which is available on Apple’s Watch 4 and above models, has saved the lives of dozens of people. The fall detection feature can basically detect when the wearer is experiencing a hard fall.

Detecting the fall, the watch first sends a vibration to the wrist and sounds an alarm. The device, which enables contact with the emergency service, also allows the user to click on the “I’m OK” option. If the person is well, he reports this to the watch and the emergency services are not called automatically.