He put Starlink satellite in his car, he got fined

The Starlink project, closely followed by Elon Musk, has passed many stages. In the first place, many Starlink satellites were sent into space with Falcon rockets. These satellites, which will send signals from around the world, will thus spread the internet service to the whole world. So far this project has been carried out quite successfully.

Starlink, one of the most interesting projects in the world, can be used in many places. The roof of the house or the edge of your room. In short, it is possible to get internet from these satellites wherever you can think of. It seems that a driver misunderstood this and placed a Starlink satellite in the front of the car.

A driver was stopped by a police team in California. The reason for the suspension was not an ordinary traffic problem. This man had his Starlink receiver installed in the front of his car. This caught the attention of the traffic police. The cops on the highway saw that there was a receiver on the hood of a vehicle and stopped the vehicle.

Under normal circumstances, there is no law regarding the absence of such satellites in vehicles. The main emphasis of the traffic police here is to block the viewpoint. The driver was asked if this affected the receiver’s field of view. His answer caused him to be punished. The driver who answered, “It only blocks my view when turning right,” received a traffic ticket.

Starlink internet receivers offer great opportunities especially for those who have to work on the go. In the statements made by Musk, it was stated that these receivers are not suitable for cars. It is mostly suitable for use in aircraft and large trucks.