HAVELSAN Turkey’s new submarine ‘hearts’ completed

HAVELSAN completed the deliveries of the information distribution systems developed for 6 submarines within the scope of the New Type Submarine Project (YTDP).

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, the 6th and final product of the Submarine Information Distribution System (DBDS), which was originally developed by HAVELSAN engineers within the scope of the project carried out by the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency, was dispatched to the Gölcük Shipyard Command to be mounted on the TCG Selmanreis submarine.

With the delivery of the final product, whose production and factory acceptance tests were successfully completed, all of the systems considered as the heart of the new type of submarines were delivered to the Turkish navy.

Within the scope of the project carried out to meet the needs of the Naval Forces Command, DBDS development for the first submarine started in September 2011.

A team of engineers, technicians and experts worked at HAVELSAN for 9 years for the development, production and testing of DBDS systems.

System, mechanics, configuration, production, quality, test engineers, project monitoring, integrated logistics support, risk experts, project managers and technical managers contributed significantly to the project, which mainly consists of embedded software, electronics and hardware engineers. Prior to this project, weapons, sensor information distribution, one of the most vital functions of submarines, was carried out with foreign systems and significant maintenance, maintenance and modernization difficulties were experienced.

All deliveries were carried out on time and with full performance in the DBDS Project conducted for TCG Pirireis, TCG Hızırreis, TCG Muratreis, TCG Aydınreis, TCG Seydialireis and TCG Selmanreis submarines.

Submarines are safer and more efficient

In the New Type Submarine Project, it is aimed to build 6 submarines with air-independent propulsion system with the participation of the Turkish industry to the maximum extent under the Gölcük Shipyard Command.

Defined as the heart of the submarine, DBDS was developed as an original product of HAVELSAN to meet the very demanding criteria of the operational environment. With its newly added capabilities, DBDS has also managed to get ahead of its counterparts around the world.

Within the scope of the needs of the Naval Forces Command, a data recording system integrated with DBDS was designed, hardware and software updates for new functions were completed on time and tested.

Systems procured from foreign companies in the past can be developed by HAVELSAN engineers according to the needs and innovations have been made to be easily added to the system.

The DBDS, which plays a key role in the integration of the Submarine Combat System consisting of weapons, sensors and command control units, will enable the Reis class submarines to navigate more safely and perform their operational missions in the most efficient way, thanks to the redundant and uninterrupted data flow.

Thanks to the new DBDS features, it will be possible to record and store all mission-critical data flowing through the system during operations at least 50 days without interruption. In addition, important data recorded during the operation can be examined on board or on the shore.

Drawing the attention of foreign submarine construction and modernization programs with its advanced features, DBDS has become a product that is chosen and successfully used in HAVELSAN’s overseas submarine modernization activities.

Domestic contribution 75 percent

The system was produced with local facilities from design to integration. The domestic contribution rate envisaged as 70 percent within the scope of the DBDS Agreement approached 75 percent.

DBDS, which has been subjected to long and comprehensive endurance tests since it will be used in harsh environmental conditions, has successfully passed all these processes. All environmental conditions tests of DBDS were carried out domestically with local facilities.

The system, which is one of Turkey’s most important defense projects carried out by HAVELSAN for New Type Submarine Project represents one third of the project package.

The DBDS Project includes the production of 7 sets of systems, one of which is in a land-based test environment and 6 of them in submarines.

HAVELSAN also contributes locally to the submarine project with 9 work packages and Mk 48 torpedo integration within the scope of the Combat Management System.

When submarines are completed, critical components such as combat management, information distribution and torpedo fire control systems will be the signature of HAVELSAN engineers.

Thanks to the experience and know-how provided in the project, it is aimed to use the DBDS solution, which provides fast and redundant information distribution for critical warfare systems, in the National Submarine (MİLDEN) Project. In this way, it is expected that significant convenience and savings will be achieved in the integration of the Submarine Combat System in the MİLDEN Project.