‘Guide to Privacy in Digital Games’ has been published

Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that the “Guide to Privacy in Digital Games” published by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) will be a guide for parents and said, “We will do our best to protect our nation and our children against digital dangers in the vast world of the Internet. We have to do it.” made its assessment.

Sayan, in his post on his Twitter account, stated that children in the world and in Turkey ignore the concept of privacy on digital game platforms.

Stating that the Guide provides guidance to parents in this sense, Sayan pointed out that in order to protect privacy in digital games, attention should be paid primarily to the age ratings of the games, and emphasized the importance of parents being sensitive about which games are suitable for their children’s developmental levels.

“We need to control game streaming and ad content”

Sayan, who warned to be careful against chat applications in games, said:

“If we are informed about the features of the games children play and know who they communicate with, we can more easily be sure that children are safe. We have to check the game stream and advertising content. Although digital games may seem harmless at first, they can contain negative content in the later stages. Also, profanity, profanity, Ads containing content such as violence and obscenity may also appear. We must be as sensitive as possible about in-game purchases. In-app purchases in some games become attractive for children. Our puppies can unconsciously invest high amounts of money by simply pressing a button in order to rise in the game. Malicious individuals in online games follow methods to steal players’ personal information. “

Pointing out that the information obtained is used in cyberbullying and account theft, Sayan said that before sharing personal data, determining pseudonyms without real names for games played, not sharing real e-mail addresses or personal information, determining a separate user name and password for each game login, stated that they should be supported to tell their parents about the troublesome situation they encountered during the game.

Pointing out that many issues are included in the Guide in full detail, Sayan said, “Parents, in order to protect their and their children’s digital privacy and security and to get information on this subject, refer to the Digital Privacy Guide ‘ -detail/btk-digital-games-privacy-guide-published. In the vast world of the internet, we have to do our best to protect our nation and our children against digital dangers.” made its assessment.

Sayan also noted that the state continues to work together with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, BTK and all its related institutions.