Google awarded $ 6.7 million to 662 people

Many technology companies have implemented their own reward programs in order to detect security vulnerabilities in their systems faster.

According to the news in Zdnet, Google, one of these companies, gave a reward of $ 6.7 million (approximately 48 million TL) to researchers who detected flaws and errors in their platforms in 2020.

According to the same report, the US-based technology company awarded 662 researchers from 62 different countries in 2020 for their contribution. According to the statement made by the company on the subject, the Google platform with the most errors in 2020 was Chrome.

Google paid a total of $ 2.1 million in 2020 to people who found Chrome’s vulnerabilities. This made Chrome the platform with the most awards among Google services.

Google paid $ 1.74 million for Android vulnerabilities and $ 270,000 in total for Google Pay.

The company has distributed a total of $ 21 million since the day it launched the award program. The company, which distributed a $ 2 million award in 2015, distributed $ 6.5 million in rewards with the proliferation of errors found in 2019.