Google agrees to pay $ 2.58 million in compensation for discriminatory employment practices

Within the scope of the judicial reconciliation agreement made with the ministry, the company will pay 1 million 350 thousand dollars in compensation to 2,500 female engineers for whom they paid less salary than their male colleagues in 2014-2017.

On the other hand, 1 million 230 thousand dollars will be paid to 1700 women and Asian candidates who applied for a job with Google in the same period, on the grounds that they faced discrimination in recruitment.

The agreement also stipulates that Google will invest $ 250,000 a year for 5 years for the necessary regulations to prevent possible future discriminatory practices.

Four years ago, the Ministry of Labor highlighted discriminatory employment practices at Google during routine audits of federal government procurement companies, and decided to sue the company for discriminatory practices in salary payments and recruitment.

Rejecting the ministry’s allegations, Google argued that it considers the work done in salary payments and the competence of the candidates in recruitment, and does not discriminate based on gender or ethnic origin.