Golf balls lost by NASA astronaut on the Moon found 50 years later

Golf balls that astronaut Alan Shepard claimed to have lost while golfing on the lunar surface during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 were found 50 years later.

According to The Sun’s report, two golf balls that Shepard claimed to have lost during his hits with a makeshift golf club on the Moon he went on his Apollo 14 mission between January 31 and February 6, 1971, were found as a result of improving the images during the landing mission.

Imagery specialist Andy Saunders performed a high resolution scan of the original images, including much smaller 16-millimeter images taken by the Apollo 14 crew in the “stacking technique”. Thus, Shepard’s claim was confirmed.

Shepard claimed that he had made two hits with the stick in his hand, the ball entered a crater on the first shot, and the second one went miles away.

Improved images of the area where the shuttle landed revealed that it was not as successful as the astronaut claimed. In the images, it was noticed that the ball could go 22 meters on Shepard’s first shot, and 37 meters on the second.

Saunders, who improved the images to find the balls, told the BBC that although the astronaut did not throw the balls as far as he claimed, it was important that he was even able to do this on the moon.

Saunders emphasized that Shepard took the shot under extraordinary circumstances, “Imagine you are doing this shot in an environment with all-round astronaut clothes and thick gloves and no gravity. It is quite impressive that Shepard could even contact the ball and blow it up.” he spoke.