Glaciers are melting faster than ever

AA | Thursday, April 29, 2021 – 16:50 | Last Updated: 29 04 2021 – 16:50

Satellite data revealed that glaciers are melting faster, losing 31 percent more snow and ice annually than 15 years ago.

Using 20 years of data from NASA’s Terra satellite, researchers found that the world’s 220,000 glaciers lost more than 328 billion tons of ice and snow annually since 2015, according to the study published in the journal Nature.

In the research, it was stated that the annual melting rate in the 2015-2019 period was 78 billion tons more than the 2000-2004 period.

Romain Hugonnet, glacier at the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology and the University of Toulouse in France, noted that global thinning rates have doubled in the last 20 years, apart from the volume of water lost.

Pointing out that half of the world’s ice loss occurred in the USA and Canada, Hugonnet said that the melting rate in Alaska is “among the highest in the world”.

Hugonnet stated that the melting of glaciers reflects the global temperature increase.