Giant ice floe detaches from ice shelf in Antarctica

According to the news on the website, the rift that occurred in the northern part of the ice shelf in November 2020 developed and reached the point of rupture.

The British Antarctic Research Foundation (BAS) reported that the rift that progressed at about 1 kilometer per day during the month of January caused a mass of 1270 square kilometers to leave the landing in the morning hours yesterday.

The researchers noted that the mass 20 times the size of Manhattan Island could drift away from the shore or keep its place near the ice shelf.

Stating that the rupture is a part of the natural process, experts evaluated that more detailed research should be done in order to reach conclusions about the effect of temperature changes caused by global climate change.

Brunt Ice Shelf, 150 meters thick, drifts 2 kilometers westward on the Antarctic coast every year. As a result of this movement, ice mountains and large ice masses are formed in the region.