Germany is preparing to allow self-driving cars

It is reported that the government in Germany has prepared a draft law to facilitate the use of autonomous (driverless) vehicles to traffic in designated areas.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport, it was stated that the draft law prepared for Germany to play a leading role in autonomous driving was sent to the Federal Assembly for discussion after the approval of the Council of Ministers.

It was stated that the draft law in question is valid for “Level 4 Fully Automatic Driving”, and it was noted that this will make Germany the first country in the world to put autonomous vehicles into daily use.

In the statement, it was emphasized that the aim of using autonomous vehicles as service vehicles in short distances in the country until 2022, and that the draft in question is expected to be enacted in the middle of this year.

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, in his assessment on the subject, described the draft as a “decisive step” that brings Germany closer to the goal of “being the first country to launch autonomous vehicles out of research centers” in the world. “We need to implement innovations quickly in the transformation process.” used the expression.