Germany, France and Spain agree on joint warplane

AA | Monday, May 17, 2021 – 17:22 | Last Updated: 17 05 2021 – 17:22

Germany, France and Spain reached an agreement on the steps to be taken in the next generation fighter jet, which is planned to be jointly produced to reduce Europe’s dependence on the USA.

According to the report of the German News Agency (DPA), the German Defense Ministry informed the deputies of the Bundestag Defense Committee that a fundamental agreement was reached on the steps to be taken for the joint production of fighter jets.

It is stated that the agreement includes regulations on R&D, technology, usage rights and the maximum financial contribution of Germany for the new generation fighter aircraft.

In June 2019, Spain participated in the next generation fighter jet project, which is planned to be produced as part of the joint project of Germany and France to reduce Europe’s dependence on the USA.

The jets within the scope of the project are planned to be produced by the European aviation company Airbus and the French company Dassault Aviation. The jets will replace the Rafale warplanes produced by the German Eurofighter and Dassault.

Requirements for the air combat system, including drones and satellites, will be decided in 2027 and the development phase will begin in 2030.

The system is not expected to serve until 2040.

While the authorities do not explain how much the project will cost, according to the European press, the project will exceed 100 billion euros. It is also considered that the development of the aircraft exceeded 100 billion euros brought Germany, France and Spain together.

Failing to be a major actor in the global struggle, Europe’s dependence on the US in defense and its inability to compete with US-China-based companies in key technological developments has been discussed by the European public for a long time.