Generation Z turns towards professions with strong technological infrastructure

Küçükşabanoğlu made evaluations about artificial intelligence and Z generation to AA correspondent.
Emphasizing that artificial intelligence will create a serious change effect on professions, Küçükşabanoğlu stated that the generation Z is aware of this change and wants to make career choices in line with this transformation.

– “Artificial intelligence engineering is among the most profitable professions”

Küçükşabanoğlu stated that artificial intelligence will transform not only the way of doing business, but also professions in the future, and said: “Artificial intelligence will create new professions such as bot tracking specialists, data scientists, automation and people will remain the ultimate controllers of all systems. It is predicted that 40 percent more money will be given to data scientists. Artificial intelligence engineering is considered among the most profitable professions.

In a study, 80 percent of company executives state that artificial intelligence will make their employees more efficient. By 2030, artificial intelligence is expected to contribute approximately $ 16 trillion to global economies and create millions of new jobs. On the other hand, there are concerns that artificial intelligence will create job losses. Artificial intelligence will actually help employees work more comfortably by increasing the efficiency of the work. “-” 40 percent of the Z generation want to start their own business “In the coming period, technology will make the biggest commercial impact and the locomotive of this will be the internet of things, information processing and artificial intelligence. “According to a study, almost half of the young people participating in the research plan to do something related to technology. Generation Z heads towards professions with strong technological infrastructure. Approximately 40 percent of the generation Z want to start their own business. “

Küçükşabanoğlu stated that young people in the generation Z consider fields such as informatics, software and coding engineering, digital media expertise, artificial intelligence engineering, space technologies, “youtuber” and “influencer” as the professions of the future, “In the digitalized world, people, fear and With the pandemic, people’s lives have rapidly become digital. It is necessary to be knowledgeable in order to keep up with the digitalizing world. Once you have the knowledge, there is no need to be afraid of digitalization. ” found the assessment.

– “Our society needs to be prepared for the new era”

AIPA President Küçükşabanoğlu pointed out that the world is in a great change and transformation with the rapid development of technology recently and said, “The essential needs that emerged with the pandemic period accelerated this process. Our society should be prepared for this new period. societies that are successful, societies that do not update themselves and are unprepared will fail. ” said.

Küçükşabanoğlu stated that as AIPA, they aim to raise awareness about artificial intelligence in the society and contribute to the increase of individual and corporate competencies, and completed his words as follows: “Under the umbrella of AIPA, our country’s goal to become one of the top 10 economies in the world is accelerated by technology entrepreneurship and to create a new entrepreneurship culture in our country. We aim to produce policies to support and disseminate them. As AIPA, we will prioritize the Z generation, which constitutes 31 percent of our population and a mass of approximately 26 million. “