Flash Turkey decision from WhatsApp! Competition Authority announced

Haluk KARAASLAN / ANKARA, (DHA) | Friday, May 21, 2021 – 10:55 | Last Updated: 21 05 2021 – 11:07

The Competition Authority’s attempts against contract enforcement by WhatsApp, which led to discussions of ‘data theft’, have yielded results. WhatsApp, whose defense was taken as part of the investigation initiated by the institution, informed the board that the update would not take effect in Turkey.

The messaging platform WhatsApp, which is used by about 2 billion people around the world, expired on May 15 for the signing of the confidentiality agreement, which attracted reaction from users. WhatsApp has announced that users who do not approve the agreement will be restricted on their accounts. The Competition Authority launched an investigation in January due to the confidentiality agreement that European Union (EU) countries are exempt from.


The Competition Authority recently requested information from the company within the scope of the investigation. The expected information and documents reached the institution. According to the information received from the Competition Authority, WhatsApp took a step back from Turkey in the confidentiality agreement it imposed on users. In this context, it was learned that the contract will not cover Turkey. Within the scope of the decision, WhatsApp stated that it will not send the notifications containing the confidentiality agreement to the users and the update will not take effect in Turkey.