Flash decision from the giant company! Started phone production in Turkey

Noting that they provide a wide range of incentives and advantages to global brands and domestic manufacturers, Varank said, “We have the following advice to global brands: Don’t just think about the Turkish market, think especially about exports from Turkey, and by increasing domestic suppliers, you can produce your brand in our country more efficiently and reduce your costs. In this way, take advantage of Turkey’s advantages in your global market race.” made his call.

Explaining that different brands have planned actions in their investment strategies and their intention to increase the target, Varank pointed out that as the Ministry, together with other units of the government, global brands will do their best to further increase their technology investments in Turkey.


Koç Holding Durable Goods Group President Ebiçlioğlu stated that TCL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of television and mobile phones, “We started a cooperation with them, primarily for the Turkish market and then for export. We started the production of TCL branded mobile phones in our own production facilities.” said.

TCL Europe President Zhang pointed out that the government has provided them with many conveniences in working with a local partner, emphasizing that this gives them more confidence in investing in Turkey.

TCL Mobil Turkey Country Manager Tunca said, “We have completed the test production of our first mobile phone with the encouragement of our minister. We are very excited to meet Turkish users with the added value of Arçelik and the technical competencies of TCL. We will have produced our 4 mobile phone models in Turkey by the end of the year.” he said.