Flash decision from Facebook and Instagram! Removed accounts

In the statement made by Facebook, it was reported that the scope of the bans imposed on the accounts of the Myanmar army on this platform was expanded and put into effect on Instagram, one of the company affiliates.

It was also noted in the statement that commercial pages related to military administration were banned from advertising.

Facebook had deleted the official information page of the Myanmar army “Tatmadaw Accurate News Information Team” from the platform on 21 February.

Before that, measures were taken to prevent the posts made from the junta accounts from spreading to the masses on Facebook.

Military coup in Myanmar

The Myanmar army seized the administration on February 1, after political groups close to it made allegations of fraud in the 8 November 2020 elections and the rising tension in the country.

The army detained many officials and ruling party leaders, including the Foreign Minister and de facto leader of the country, Aung San Suu Çii, and declared a state of emergency for a year.

The international community, especially the UN and the European Union (EU), condemned the coup; Turkey, one of the countries that had the strongest reaction came. The USA, Canada and Britain had decided to sanction military officials who played a role in the coup.

While the people started demonstrations demanding return to democracy on February 6, after the death of 3 protesters as a result of the intervention of the security forces, anti-coup demonstrations started to be held with more mass and wider crowds.

Demonstrations with broad participation in the country and the trials of high-ranking government officials in custody at the military court continue.