First in the world! mRNA Vaccines Center of Excellence established

According to Sanofi’s statement, the center, which will operate with an annual investment of approximately 400 million euros, will focus the company’s mRNA vaccine development capabilities in the special areas of R&D, digital, chemistry-production-control (CMC).

Teams of approximately 400 dedicated employees working at Sanofi’s facilities in Cambridge, MA (USA) and Marcy l’Etoile, Lyon (France) will focus on accelerating the development and distribution of next-generation vaccines.

The center of excellence will also accelerate the vaccine mRNA portfolio developed in collaboration with Translate Bio.

Jean-Francois Toussaint, Head of Global Research and Development at Sanofi Pasteur, whose views are included in the statement, stated that with the Kovid-19 outbreak, mRNA technology has enabled new vaccines to be available faster than ever before.

“Still, further development of key innovation areas, such as improvements in thermostability and tolerability levels of mRNA applications, is critical in routine vaccination against current or future infectious diseases, as well as in routine vaccination of all ages. The Sanofi mRNA Vaccines Excellence Center offers the field of vaccine innovation in this sense,” Toussaint said. It aims to lead the world.” used the phrases.

“The Center places Sanofi in a pivotal position in the development of next-generation vaccines”

Sanofi Pasteur Executive Vice President and Global President Thomas Triomphe emphasized that the new investment puts Sanofi in an important position in the development of next-generation vaccines using mRNA technologies.

“While mRNA won’t be the solution for every infectious disease, the routine use of this technology could have enormous implications for many unmet health needs. This technology is now becoming a critical new technology for future health protection,” Triomphe said. made a statement.